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December 23 2015


To Sydney, don't forget to drop by on the road a lot This Indonesia Restaurant

When you stroll to Sydney and klezmer with the cuisine of Indonesia, you can stop by the road. Many restaurants Indonesia here.

On the streets of ANZAC Parade, http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-cumi-goreng-tepung.html  there are about 10 restaurants Indonesia. Ranging from fried chicken to padang, nasi pempek.

A number of journalists at the invitation of Indonesia Australia Plus ABC International, came to the street in September 2015. A food blogger Indonesia already  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-gudeg.html 10 years living in Sydney, Ardi Pradana (34), accompany us.
On the road in the Sydney area, there are many restaurants serving typical foods Indonesia. (Photos; Hany Koesumawardani)
On the road in the Sydney area, there are many restaurants serving typical foods Indonesia. (Photos; Hany Koesumawardani)

"The way this restaurant Indonesia there are 10. There is a Dawn Restaurant, fried chicken, Penang Bistro, Indo flavors, Savory flavor, fine dining, Ubud Pempek Palembang Clovelly, nasi padang. There are a few more that have people opening Indonesia as Japan, "said Ardi.

We met at a restaurant on that road, Indonesia Indo flavors, and conversed about Indonesia culinary ngalor-ngidul in Sydney. According to Ardi, restaurants that Indonesia open here because a lot of people passing by Indonesia passed along this road.

"Maybe because there's a UNSW (University of New South Wales), many students of Indonesia here. Then the Consulate at Maroubra, Konjen home at Rose Bay, "said Ardi.

When viewed on a map, UNSW is indeed located on ANZAC Parade, and the road to the intersection with the road where the Office of the CONSULATE GENERAL of Maroubra Sydney is located. ARDI continue, since 2005 a time he attended a master in Sydney, Indonesia restaurants on the streets of ANZAC Parade has always been there.

"I'm here, there've 2005. Already there's a lid-lid-replace-replace. So, there is always a restaurant Indonesia here, "explains the owner of the blog allaboutfoodblog.com.

The restaurants we visit, Indo flavors, serves a diverse menu that can treat people miss Indonesia abroad. Halal cuisine like assorted satay, soto, pepes, fried chicken-roasted, fried tempeh, tofu-balado eggplant, vegetable asem, lontong sayur, chicken noodle, egg tofu, meatballs, gado-gado, fried hot, toge, pempek, the aneka nasi campur and yellow rice, nasi pecel to oriental cuisine such as fried rice, fried noodles and fried Shahe fen are all available. His drink, call it es teler, es doger, es campur and es cendol ice to duren.

The restaurant was bustling about to go Scorpion lunch time. Not just the people of Indonesia, the citizens of Australia also looks to enjoy eating there. We then met with the owners of the Indo-European Sense, Ela Yunita Wijaya (59), who has lived in Sydney for 17 years. ELA said the restaurant already is open on the streets of ANZAC Parade is for 5 years.

NASI kapau Tanah Minang

NASI kapau is a kind of food  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-dimsum-ayam.html that comes from Kapau, Agam, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Cover the dish was rice, sambal and typical side dishes which is the jackfruit Coconut Curry, Coconut Curry of bone and flesh of calves, bulls and belly goulash http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-tahu-gejrot.html goulash meat cattle skin and sinew.

Side dishes that others is like meat spices berlada, green Peppercorn meat, beef rendang, fried eel fish, Coconut Curry and fried chicken.

Among the most attractive side dish was the gulai gut that is a mixture of eggs and tauhu which is inserted into the intestine of calves as well as cooked so good.

One of the popular destinations to enjoy the conveniences of nasi kapau is in Los Lambuang, the town of Bukit Tinggi.

Los Lambuang is the nasi kapau gathered since 1988.

Before this, the area was home to sell the meat of calves and once selling dried fish.

Since the beginning of the morning again, the nasi kapau has been prepared with various assorted side dishes that will be served at the table long storied.

There is no competition

They will attend to any customers who want to enjoy rice served with various types of sambal.

Uniquely, the seller is using a long wooden handled senduk with end of the shell to the sambal had drawn has been compiled over a serving plate customers.

"Ni Masuaklah, ni masuaklah (Please enter, brother)," a typical greeting the sellers that are part of the magnitude is women when referring customers to touch their dishes.

At that time, there were eight store rice kapau in Los Lambuang, each only separated by walls of reeds as tall as an adult waist levels should be painted blue and white cloth with a strap closing top of Raphia.

A seller had drawn side dish nasi kapau to subscribers in Los Lambuang recently.

There are markers of each store's name on every Tavern which commenced with Ana, Haji Haji, Mes, the Lis, Lis, Haji Ni Sam, Linda, the Union I and Ni Nita serving various types of sambal typical respectively.

Everything looks the same but has its own flavour of processed results privately.

One of nasi kapau, Tia, 35, explained, there is no competition between the vendors because the food is sold is the same and the price of each other anyway is not much different.

What is so special is that each has distinctive characteristics according to the taste of the customer.

"We provide the boiled rice kapau to meet daily needs of customers. Each person has been assigned the respective provision. So, we don't think it needs to compete against each other, "he said.

The TIA has been more than a year of running a commercial rice kapau in Los Lambuang admit, erratic incomes as there is when many customers and vice versa.

"His habits, visitors crowded when Eve feasts and holidays including the end of the week. On other days, the uncertain circumstances and there is a very quiet time, "he said.

The uniqueness of the

Meanwhile, nasi kapau, Lis, 47, said, there are 12 types of side dishes that are served in the kedainya on a daily basis such as fish goulash, egg fish goulash, chicken rendang, intestine, bone and meat cattle, ox stomach, eels, chicken goulash, chicken and spiced chicken berlada.

The uniqueness of the nasi kapau than other rice is a collection of the many courses: presented in a serving plate.

Although customers just ask rice with Chicken Coconut Curry, they participated and provided little other side dishes such as meat, spiced chicken, spiced beef rendang and various types of vegetables so that customers eating plate meet.

West Sumatra is an area of community placement Minang.

LIS tell Word kapau actually comes from the name of one of the area's famous Agam with vegetable dishes that are bercampur-campur.

"His habit, the diner will only provide the boiled vegetable of some sort. In contrast with rice kapau, customers are given various kinds of vegetables, which are boiled sweet potato and turnip tops are digulai together Jack fruit, "he said.

The owner of the tavern that has been running the business from generation to generation it sells nasi kapau began with price RM 7.80 (Rp25,000) for a meal at the tavern and RM 8.40 (Rp27,000) when wrapped.

The difference in price was valid because the rice is wrapped is more than a meal at the tavern.

The seller could spend up to 30 kilos of rice a day crowded with visitors if the revenue were able to achieve RM3, 137.40 (Rp10 million).

In addition, several peniaga kapau rice in Los Lambuang undertook to sell various other foods such as ketupat kapau, vegetable soup, ketupat and cendol langkok containing rice cake wedges, cendol and rice crackers.

A fan of nasi kapau, Amsuis, 49, admitted to frequently touched the dish every time a visit to the town of Bukit Tinggi caused these foods contain more protein and various side dishes that can be selected in accordance with the ideals of taste.

"Nasi kapau is different with the usual Rice eaten because it tastes better and is in accordance with

8 years, "Lontong Sayur Mandala" was never Lonely

For those who often Protruding through the area and about Duren Tiga, certainly know lontong sayur Mandala. The location at the side of the road, just before http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-es-teler.html  the red light Duren Tiga, if direction of intersection Mampang.

Where to eat this  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-es-pisang-ijo.html already survived for eight years and provided the pun never deserted visitors. Like the time I visited there recently. He said, this place had advantages in terms of the choices they make.

"If the other lontong sayur wrote. Here could add side dishes, there are chicken, egg, meat or giblets ati, "said Nurjanah, a mother who is in charge of being a cashier there.

Reserved price, no need to worry. , With money Rp20 thousand was more than enough to enjoy a portion of lontong sayur plus his drink. Because it belongs to cheap, food stalls belonging to this Suwono could sell 800 servings overnight.

Curious want to know what kind of vegetable rice cake which is always crowded? Get started at half eight nights, and need not fear running out of, because this place will be closed at 4 in the morning.

Lontong Sayur Douchi Culinary Typical Widths in Minang

If you are coming from the  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-tiramisu-kukus-enak-banget.html region of West Sumatra. Or pay a visit to the ranah minang. Must have been familiar with the cuisine of this one; lontong sayur douchi! The people of Minang Kabau called it goulash with ketupat douchi.

This cuisine is often found at the http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-lapis-surabaya-lembut-enak-banget.html stalls that exist in various areas in West Sumatra. On the day of Idul fitri holiday, culinary vegetable rice cake into the menu there should be for a family. Guests of the close relatives and relatives who visited were treated to culinary. See also: Jackfruit Coconut Curry Made the easy way

culinary, lontong sayur, douchi

For a particular family, vegetable rice cake menu douchi often become ingredients breakfast before leaving for school children. Indeed, sometimes lazy school children for breakfast. For the mother that is creative, culinary vegetable rice cake becomes a distraction that can increase the appetite of children for breakfast. Don't forget to read: Make Stews of stress

If mempunnyai time and chance, ketupat or rice cake can be prepared yourself. The ingredients are cooked ketupat rice wrapped in coconut leaves the wear with young plaited. However, if this work is not possible, or difficulty getting or making ketupat wrappers, can be replaced with the result in the form of rice rice cake. We could make this rice cake with plastic materials. Then rice cake that is already so cut to resemble dice or a parallelogram.

So did make vegetable douchi. Vegetable materials douchi is not so difficult. Often it consists of vegetable ingredients are beans beans, tempeh, tofu and a little chicken or beef as well as the market sold douchi. Cooked with coconut milk without red chilies. Read also: how to make a Banana Mises

Zaskia Adya Mecca Carry Scrip Lontong Sayur When Mudik

Zaskia Adya Mecca would spend Lebaran this year in her husband's hometown Hanung Bramantyo  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-ikan-asam-manis-enak-banget.html in Yogyakarta. Widths in the hometown of this husband became the first since his six-year marriage to the Director of it.

"This being the first Underwear I in Yogyakarta since the six-year marriage to Mas Hanung. Kan usually Lebaran in Jakarta, continue to run out it's new home town  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-lontong-sayur-enak-banget.html Yogyakarta, "says the actress who once starred in Hijab.

Zaskia along with two kids and a husband would go any longer. He even had time to start stealing mudik. He go since July 8, yesterday. "It's mudiknya," said Zaskia.

Due to spend Lebaran in kampung husband, Zaskia deliberately bring some things that cannot be found at the city of gudeg. One of them is carrying a lunchbox lontong sayur balado and meat specials.

"So, if the gini for food special Lebaran I mas Hanung definitely different. If Mas Hanung senengnya Sambal fried ati. If I were any Widths definitely eat vegetable rice cake and meat, "says balado Zaskia.

Lontong sayur and Sambal balado this special and could not he obtained in Yogyakarta. Because the food cooked by the acolytes. "So every grade 3 elementary, when Lebaran eating it. But if not artificial aunt (maid) anyway I dont want to, "he said.

Because it's already accustomed to eating it, any Zaskia willingly-willing to bother to bring in the food provision. Though Widths are still a couple of days, mengakalinya food by bringing Zaskia then in frozen. "I said the same Mas Hanung, anyway I take this. It uses vegetable and meat baladonya continues-frozen. Let durable, "explained Zaskia
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